Money and Happiness

5 comments | February 15th, 2012

(by OOC via DailyMail)

'Mo money may mean 'mo money, but does it mean more happiness?  This isn't the first time we've broached the topic of money and happiness here @OOC, and it won't be the last, no doubt. 

According to this research coming out of the U.K. (where they are on a happiness-making binge at 10 Downing Street), money – at least to a certain extent – can make you happier.  Surprised?

From the article: "it provides a cushion against rising living costs and can pay for treats to lift the mood such as holidays, good food – and lipstick…58% of those earning more than £50,000 (call it $90,000 USD) are satisfied with life, compared to 43% of those with an income of less than roughly £15,000 (call it $25,000 USD).  The details emerged in a study of happiness and income, which identified a huge divide between rich and poor."

Call us cynics, but the stresses on those – especially if they're a family – making $25,000 are HUGE, so no wonder their happiness is taking a beating.  Herein, lay our questions for you.  How much do you think you need to do and have what you want, and put a little away for a rainy day?  How much does having money or not affect your happy?  If you're feeling blue does having the momey to go away, buy something amazing but unncessary make you feel better?  Do you compare your financial circumstances to your friends and family and co-workers?  Money and happiness, let's #discuss.

(the original article can be found in its entirety here)


  • Kayla R.

    Posted on February 15, 2012

    I think about this a lot. How much is enough? how much do we need? How much do I want? What are luxuries and what are necessities?

    I’m sure $25,000 would not be enough. Can’t even imagine, really.

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  • Robin

    Posted on February 15, 2012

    I can do without a lot of things, but I love going away and I love a hotel! Could not live without those things.

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  • Terra

    Posted on February 19, 2012

    I’m sorry, but I completely disagree. I live in a family where we don’t want for much, but I am very unhappy. First of all, money doesn’t buy health. Sure it can help with the medical bills, but that doesn’t mean much when it comes down to it. My grandfather had two heart attacks over the holiday and it is very unlikely he is going to live much longer. My dad is struggling against a hereditary thyroid disease and diabetese that I and my brothers have most likely inherited too. He suffers from aches, pains, and is gluten and dairy intolerant. Secondly, money doesn’t buy friends. I am a very… Unique kind of person. When it comes down to it I am very, very lonely. My best friend in the world just moved to Germany. Her parents got a divorce and her father moved back to Germany quite suddenly. A week before that she got in trouble and he deleted her email account. I have no way of ever contacting her. I’ll probably never see her again. I never even got to say goodbye. Sooo… Do I seem very happy to you? I could be typing this on a golden iPad while sitting in mythree million dollar house and that wouldn’t change a thing. It wouldn’t bring my friend back and it wouldn’t cure my dad or my grandpa.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted on February 20, 2012

    If I had enough to pay for our home, to pay for my kids (if I have them) to have what they need and got to schools they want, and then a bit on top to travel and enjoy life, that would be enough.

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