#bodiesWhere’s the Outrage?

10 comments | September 24th, 2012

WTF Burst

(by FMB)

We'll admit we don't get why and where popular media chooses to focus its - and our - attention, sometimes. 

Sometimes we're outraged by the abscence of outrage in our society.  Let's all talk about Lady Gaga's weight, Amy Poehler's divorce, or Amanda Bynes' troubles , but not these #s, and the massive, epidemic crisis of confidence affecting girls.  The status quo just isn't acceptable anymore.

7 out of 10 girls 8-17 believe they aren't good enough or don't measure up in some way (We're wondering good enough for what and measure up to what or whom?)

62% of all girls feel insecure about themselves (this is a massive crisis of confidence that does and will have serious ripple effects)

57% have a mother who criticizes her own looks (hey mom, think what you will - but stop hating on yourself in front of the kids)

What do you think?  Surprised by any?  What can we do to put the focus where it needs to be (and not on Ryan's abs), and why aren't we talking about this more?.




( data from Real Girls Real Pressure, a National Report on the State ...

3 Things I Want You To Know

5 comments | September 21st, 2012

3 things

(by Liza, 22)

I miss you.

I forgive you.

I'm past you.

{end story}

Whoa, right?  That's a short story with some punch. Any 1, 2 or 3 things you want to get off your chest and let someone (or all of us) know?


Happy HatingThe Chase

3 comments | September 19th, 2012

Chestist typewriter 2

(by Effie, 25)

I think I"ve always been more interested in the chase then actually the catch.

Boys, grades, jobs, things.  I never like them as much as when I'm going after them when I have to wonder if I will get them.  Feels like it's hard to ever be satisfied.  Is this some weird psychological condition?  I want to want what I have not just to keep chasing what I don't. {end story}

What about you?  Would you rather chase or have?  Tell us why or why not...

Screen Junkie

38 comments | September 18th, 2012


(by Mir from WouldaShoulda)

Kids today, man, there is no end to the ways we're screwing them up. And no sooner have you hit upon yet another thing that's wrong than someone comes along to talk about the "good old days" when kids could pretty much do whatever they wanted as long as they showed up back at home for meals and remembered to wash their hands. Apparently back in the good old days, kids played outside, worked out their differences without parental involvement, and were everything from more creative to more robust overall.

Me, I didn't have that sort of upbringing. We lived on the outskirts of town, and didn't really have a neighborhood. I read a lot of books. I also watched a lot of television. Okay, let's be perfectly honest here---I watched an obscene amount of television. It wasn't unusual for me to get home from school and turn on the television and watch for a couple of hours, then eat dinner in front of it, then watch a favorite show (or two) before bed. And back then we didn't have DVRs or even, for most of ...

Wonder Woman

3 comments | September 17th, 2012

one world

(by FMB)

If you could have one super-power for one-day, which would you choose and what woulod you do with it?

Leap a tall building in a single-bound?  Stop a speeding bullet?  End poverty?  You know, the usual stuff.  Tell us down below, ye wonder women , ye.




Amy Poehler: Body Image Advice

comment | September 13th, 2012



Stop Trying To Be Happy

comment | September 13th, 2012

(just get rid of your angst)


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#bodiesMy Biggest Insecurity

6 comments | September 13th, 2012

chestist sad

(story submitted by Allie P., a 16 yo Chestist)

Allie may only be 16 but - sadly - nothing about how she's feeling is limited by age.  We'd bet that at least most of us have (and sometimes still do) felt this way.  How do you deal with what she's feeling?  How have you gome from feeling like shit for what you're not to feeling good about what you are?   Remember, if you share your story maybe you can help change hers.

My stomach, my chin, my butt, my thighs, everything about me is horrible. I just feel that everyone else is so much thinner and prettier, and there is no one that will accept who i am. I'm finally understanding myself a little better, but my body is still my biggest worry and insecurity. {end story}

Get Vulnerable

5 comments | September 13th, 2012

50s chestist

(by AKM, 17)

You need love. You get scared. You hide.

If that's true for you, congratulations! you are a member of the human race. My advice to you is simple but not easy...if you want love, you have to let people know you and you have to let yourself feel deeply. No one can love YOU if you're pretending to be someone else and you can't numb yourself to strong emotional experiences and still be able to receive heartfelt, warm, sweet love. Get honest with yourself. Get vulnerable with your true friends. Get loved on a soul level. {end story}

 You feel like you're doing what AKM says ~ or that you're able to start?

Disappointment. #Discuss.

15 comments | September 12th, 2012


(submitted by OOC)

Disappointment's such a buzzkill.  You can quote us on that.  And disappointments can be so varied...a bad Saturday night that started with high hopes, a job we didn't get, a relationship that didn't work out, a friend who wasn't, another month without getting pregnant when you want to, a parent who didn't show up at our game.  It's a long list of possibilities, and sometimes we're even the cause of them not just the victim. What - and who - does the word make you think of?  We've all had them, let's release them and get them off our chests.  What do you say, you with us??

II Years Later

16 comments | September 11th, 2012


(by Mir from WouldaShoulda)

I hesitate to talk about my memories of 9/11, usually. I wasn't there. I didn't lose any loved ones. Although I'll never forget that day, I am wary of making anyone who was touched more personally feel like I'm co-opting their tragedy, as it were. Is that considerate or just weird? But now that we've reached the 11th anniversary of 9/11, I can't help joining the rest of the country in looking back and comparing then and now.

It's funny; eleven years ago today was my daughter's first day of "real" preschool. She'd done some couple-day-a-week programs, but for the first time she was going to go five days a week to a new program. She was---even at the tender age of 3---fiercely independent and thrilled to be headed out. She was wearing her favorite outfit (a purple dress with matching leggings) and was impatient with me making her hold a sign and let me take her picture. In that picture she wear a gigantic smile and a backpack almost as big as she was. Finally we were on our way, and after I dropped her ...

#lifestagesCrying About This

4 comments | September 9th, 2012


(by Sally, 34)

I was a 17 year old virgin, with no self-esteem.  He was older, good looking, naughty, and paid a lot of attention to me.  We hung out for a while, but I knew if I didn’t sleep with him, he would move on.  The night came.  I did it, but didn’t want to.  It was awful.  He dumped me anyway, and it turns out you CAN get pregnant your first time.  I just wanted it to all go away, and so did my parents.  They took me to go have the pregnancy terminated, which was also awful. 

In this paragraph, you can just use your imagination, and fill in what kind of self-medicating, self-destructive behavior you can imagine a very broken girl, in her 20’s does to herself.

So now, after a major rock bottom, I’m 34, and I’m all cleaned up.  I’m 3 years sober, my career is great, my mortgage is on time, and I finally have some peace.   There’s one very large broken piece though, that rips my heart out and haunts me.  I want children.  I want them now.  I’m single, and there’s no one ...

#lifestagesIn It Together

3 comments | September 6th, 2012


(by Abbie, 17)

i believe that everyone in the world is interconnected, so I think of each of you who are reading this as my sister. as part of your universal family, i feel it's my responsibility to each and every one of you to say that it' okay to not know. i've spent the past five years driving myself crazy trying to make sense of everything in my life but, the thing is, life doesn't always make sense.

That's okay. It doesn't have to be understood to be experienced. There is a reason for everything and I truly believe that. The misconception, for me, lay in feeling the overwhelming need to always know the reason. It got to the point that I was willing to settle for believing something other than the truth.

From trying to make sense of my physical and sexual abuse as a child to trying to make sense of my eating disorder and PTSD today, I think I've finally seen a little bit of truth. The truth, my truth and maybe yours as well, is that sometimes logic can be what we use to color ourselves and ...

#bodiesI Am Not My Stereotype

1 response | September 6th, 2012

50s chestist

(story submmitted anonymously, by a Chestist)

We're probably all guilty of having judged a book or two by its cover.  Feels a lot different when we're the book though.  Here's how she feels:

I have bleach blonde hair, big boobs, and apparently a decent ass. That doesn't make me stupid or shallow. It doesn't mean my life is perfect or that I am happier than anyone else. I have interest and issues too. I'm so sick of people taking one look at me and deciding I'm some sort of Barbie doll. {end story}

You ever been a victim of stereotyping?  When, how, why?  You ever been a stereotyper (most of us have)?  When, how, why?   Here's the thing about stereoptypes, they suck.  You can quote us on that.

Lost: One Happy

20 comments | September 4th, 2012

rising podos

(by Mir from WouldaShoulda)

I have a confession to make: I seem to have lost my Happy. And I know better! I should've kept better track of it, or taken action as soon as I suspected it'd gone missing, but I'm going through a rough patch and I just kind of let things slide for a while. I assumed it would wander back on its own. But so far... no dice.

It's not about feeling unattractive or less than---surefire ways to lose track of your happy, to be sure---or feeling snubbed or left out, either. Sure, there's various matters in my relationships and in my own head that could probably use some tweaking. That's normal stuff, though. This isn't about feeling inadequate in some way. It's just about feeling... lost. Kind of powerless in the face of all the many awful things that go on in the world that are totally out of my control. (Weird, but it turns out that no matter how hard you try to control things which are not, in fact, yours to control, it doesn't work. How is that fair?)

So I got to thinking ...