Work:Life Balance is a Myth

4 comments | April 5th, 2012

(OOC via FastCompany)

Say what?  Work:Life Balance is a myth?!  Knock-us over with a feather.

That;s right, from the files of things we already know, "work-life balance is a myth."

According to the fastCompany story, this myth is "compels many of us to view an ideal life as a set of perfectly level scales. On the tray on one side is your personal life. On the other side is your work life. With heroic efforts, you can keep both trays exactly level. If one starts to tip too far, you make some kind of nifty move that balances them again.  In reality, that perfect balance almost never occurs, except for those rare, fleeting moments when the trays pass each other on the way up or down–and we’re too frazzled to appreciate that brief moment of self-actualization anyway."

We don't mean to be all cyncial but um, yea.  Live it, got it.  The article does continue to say that what we really want is control, and thatwe tend to confuse a want for control with a want for balance, and that makes sense.

What would you rather have – balance or control?  On a scale of 1-10, 10 being serious balance (or control) in your life, how are your scales tipping?  What can you do to bring some more balance (or control) into your day2day? 

(Read the whole FastCompany story here)


  • Catra Holt

    Posted on April 5, 2012

    An interesting point about not wanting balance so much as control. Guess that means we want to be able to control on the balance on our terms – not someone else’s

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  • A Little Balanced

    Posted on April 5, 2012

    I’m a working mom. I set scheduled times when I will only focus on my family. If I’m not traveling, I make it a point to be home by 6 and spend the rest of the evening with my kids, who go to bed about 8:30. I don’t allow any emailing or texting at that time, so I can be with them in an undivided way. of course, the first thing I do when they’re in their rooms is start working again, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for being a wife and partner. Though we do sit next to each other on the couch while we both work :)

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    • M.B.

      Posted on April 5, 2012

      The idea of making “time outs” is a good one. Creating time and space for doing just one thing or being with just some people is a good idea. Even if it’s not balanced it is present.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted on April 5, 2012

    NO BALANCE. NO CONTROL. Almost getting used to it.

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