Best H.S. Valentine’s EVER.

comment | February 15th, 2013

(A friend sent us this Valentine’s from the head of the Santa Monica HS PTA to their students.  Best Valentine’s ever.)

Dear Santa Monica High School Students,

We love you. But today, it’s not enough that we love you; it’s important to tell you that we love you and why we do.

We love you because you’re trying hard. Because you’re all different. Because you’re perfect the way you are. Because you’re our future. We love you because you make us happy.And we love you because you make our community whole.

It doesn’t matter whether anyone outside our community doesn’t love you, or wants to change you, wants you to be something you’re not, or wants you to listen to what they say no matter how offensive or ignorant it is. In our community, you are welcome, you are accepted, your opinions count, your beliefs are sacred, and you can love whomever you choose.

You’re one of us, and we love you for that.Take this message from this love letter: we don’t want you to change, but we want you to grow. Just the way you’ve been growing, in the same directions and with our love supporting you on your way.

Happy Valentine’s Day to [our students, teachers, administrators, volunteers, parents and everyone in our wonderful Samohi family].

With all our love, (name redacted)


Samohi PTSA President