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#bodiesHealthy Body Image for Our Children

6 comments | February 17th, 2011

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(submitted by Guest Contributer Janna Dean via C. Jane Enjoy It)

This week I sat in a conference listening to a presentation about body image that revealed one of the most horrifying statistics I’ve heard on the subject.  The presenter stated that “14% of 5-year-old girls diet.”  I was stunned.  I am stunned.  I know our culture is unrealistic in its expectations—impossible even.  I know we have an “obesity epidemic” on our hands.  I know we have serious distortions about what it means to be healthy...But dieting at 5 years old?!   For a long moment I was unable to focus on the presentation and instead thought of my own wonderful, brave, mischievous, innocent little 4-year-old daughter (turning 5 this April).  I felt saddened by the world she is exposed to despite my attempts to shelter her.   And then my thoughts turned to her twin brother who is similarly victimized by our world (as is his 17-year-old cousin who has indeed lost himself and his dreams to the world of body ...