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Love & SexSex and Happyness

7 comments | September 28th, 2012


(story by FMB, on repeat, via dailymaiil)











Want to get happier?  Get busy.  That's the implication of a study from the U.K. (they're so far ahead of us on so many things).  Check it:

"Making love boosts our happiness more than anything else."  Yup, according to this study of 45,000 iPhone users, having sex is the best way to help yourself feel good.

So, we've got 2 questions.  One, is this true for you?  And 2, what if the sex is only meh?  Let's #discuss.

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8 comments | August 3rd, 2012

exploding flowers

(story submitted by E, a 32 yo Chestist)

Oh, hello:

I had my first orgasm ever last night!  I'm 32!  I was alone!  I may never leave the house again!  {end story}

Is it easier for you to orgasm with or without a partner (if at all)? P.S. yay for E.

Happy MakingNever Happier

8 comments | May 5th, 2012

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My Message: I'm never happier than when I dance. I'm not terribly good at it, but I love it. {end story}

Ok, so here's the thing we love about this.  We love to dance too.  And we suck at it.  So we don't do it very much...because we don't want to look like a jerk. (Anyone see the Elaine Dancing episode of Seinfeld?)  We find it so inspiring when someone doesn't let their inhibitions or not being very good at something keep them from doing something they love.

What's one thing you love doing?  When are you "never happier than"?

What's one thing you might do more of if you thought you were better at it?

Who wants to come dancing with us tonight?  Let's get our happy on!

#bodiesI Am

14 comments | March 8th, 2012

chestist threads

(story submitted anonymously, by a Chestist; posted originally in May and again now)

When we saw this from one of you, we smiled. BIG.  Here's her short (just 9 words) and wonderful story:

I love my body, just the way I am. [end of story.]

Her feeling good made us feel good.  So let's talk about feeling good.  Name one part of you (or as many as you want) that you LOVE (or like) just the way it is.  Could be a body part or your generosity, creativity, or fashion flair.  Whatever.  Us, we hope it's the whole of you, because we think you're awfully swell.  XO

#chestismsMaximizing Happiness. At Lunch.

6 comments | March 5th, 2012


(by OOC via CBSNews)

Oh, money.  You taunt us, you tease us, you buy us pretty things.  Sometimes.  But do you make us happier, and if you do, how do you do it?

These are age old thoughts and questions, no?  Wll, according to the author of "All the Money in the World" if we want to spend our money on that which'll make us happiest, it's time to stop buying things and start speding on experiences - experiences we've planned for.  Here's why (from the original article):

"Experiences are harder to get used to than things, because they are always different...So what do the happiest people do on their lunch hour?

They treat a friend to lunch. Preferably, a lunch they've planned well ahead of time.

Here's why. Planned pleasant experiences give you a triple happiness whammy. You anticipate them beforehand -- and as any kid waiting for Christmas knows, anticipation is often as pleasurable as the experience itself. You live through your adventures, and then you savor the memory afterwards. Eating is, of course, one of the most pleasurable things people do. In one study in which women ...

#lifestagesRainy Days and Slowing Down

50 comments | February 21st, 2012

chestist soup

(story by Mir, from Woulda Coulda Shoulda) Some of my fondest memories from childhood come from the month I spent at camp every summer. Five years in a row, every summer, my parents would load me and an ancient steamer trunk filled with carefully labeled clothing and bedding into the car, and we would drive "out into the wilderness" (it wasn't really all that wild, but a location on a nearby lake) so that I could spend four glorious weeks at camp. We stayed in cabins, sheets from home thrown haphazardly over lumpy cots, dirty laundry scattered everywhere. As a misfit of a kid with only an older brother and no sisters, four weeks bunking with a group of girls was simultaneously terrifying and amazing. It was a 28-day-long slumber party! We shared clothes and snacks and comic books and secrets. We whispered in the dark and canoed together during the day. It was a wonderful break from "regular" life, as well as from the kids I knew at school. Camp always seemed like a good place to be someone else, if ...

Happy MakingMoney and Happiness

5 comments | February 15th, 2012

money bags

(by OOC via DailyMail)

'Mo money may mean 'mo money, but does it mean more happiness?  This isn't the first time we've broached the topic of money and happiness here @OOC, and it won't be the last, no doubt. 

According to this research coming out of the U.K. (where they are on a happiness-making binge at 10 Downing Street), money - at least to a certain extent - can make you happier.  Surprised?

From the article: "it provides a cushion against rising living costs and can pay for treats to lift the mood such as holidays, good food – and lipstick...58% of those earning more than £50,000 (call it $90,000 USD) are satisfied with life, compared to 43% of those with an income of less than roughly £15,000 (call it $25,000 USD).  The details emerged in a study of happiness and income, which identified a huge divide between rich and poor."

Call us cynics, but the stresses on those - especially if they're a family - making $25,000 ...

#lifestagesWhen An Abortion Happens In a Good Marriage

18 comments | February 13th, 2012

black explosion chestist

(story submitted by Lidia-Anain, a Chestist)

Let's just get right to her story:

Six years ago I felt completely suffocated and restless. I had quit my job just a few short months earlier to stay at home with my two boys just until my oldest started Kindergarten then I’d go back to work to help pay for the degree I was finishing. My self-worth had been attached to my job. My self-worth had been attached to my title. My self-worth was not my own. In just a few months after quitting my job I found out that I was expecting another baby. I did not want another child. He did not want another child. We had not planned for another child and had taken the necessary precautions to not have anymore children by using condoms and birth control. We had other plans yet there we were expecting another baby and this time we knew that even if we weren’t ready we could not go through another abortion.

Abortions aren’t things married women have?

We had already been down that road just six months earlier when we had buckled at ...

Happy MakingHappiness, Statistically Speaking

6 comments | February 13th, 2012


(by OOC via

Just what makes us happy?  According to this research of U.S. attitudes the answers are:




Statistically speaking, the healthy amongst us are 20% happier than those in ill health (us, we're surprised that the spread's not greater); marriage adds 10% to one's happiness quotient (us, we're suprised it's that high - not because we're in a bad marriage or mariage opposed, oh no, but because of the divorce rate ); and income adds 3.5% (frankly, despite knowing that money doesn't buy happiness, it does reduce a few stresses, so we're equally surprised this isin't a bit higher.)

Kids?  Now that's where it gets interesting.  Apparently and statistically, each child actually reduces happiness by 0.25%.  What then accounts for the continuance of the species and the warm fuzzies we get every time we see our children?  The research doesn't say.  For a full read, go here.

How would you rank these 4 (health, marriage, income, and kids) in contributing to your happiness, what you'd expect would make you happy, or what doesn't make you happy now?  We know a lot of brilliant, kind, ...

Happy MakingGuilty Pleasures

8 comments | February 8th, 2012


Some years ago we were asked what our guilty pleasures were.  We stopped to consider the question, thought about things like french fries, airplane books, mindless TV, and boy bands...but then we wondered why we should have any guilt whatsoever over anything that gives us pleasure.  Really, why?  So we've decided - for us - there's no such thing as a guilty pleasure, becuase pleasures can be so few and far between (not that they should be) and guilt is such a waste of NOW.  After all, why do it if it makes you feel guilty?

And so here's a couple of questions for you...are there any pleasures that make you feel guilty; and if you feel guilty how is it you get pleasure form them - unless of course it's the guilt that makes you feel good in kind of a self-hate way (and who are we to judge?).  So, to some it up, guilty have any and why do they make you feel guilty?




#bodiesTaking Matters Into My Own Hands

5 comments | February 7th, 2012

red handed

(submitted by Cee Dee in response to Prescribing Pleasure: 1.7.11, now on OOC Replay)

There's nothing about this story, originally a comment to another, that we do not love.  We love its candor, its comfort, and the author's unhesitating willingness to speak her truth and share her story.  Here it is:

Okay, our body is about the ONLY place we as women still have total and complete control.  We decide if we are going to have an abortion or bring a life into this world.  We can nourish a child with our breast milk or not.  We can also manipulate our clitoris into some kind orgasm – be it big or small.  To hand over this last bit of sexual power to a man is just about as depressing as not ever having felt the magic of an orgasm.

Honestly, i didn’t have an orgasm (with a man) until i was 41. i have been having sex since i was 19. The ONLY reason i had THAT orgasm was because I masturbated during sex with my partner. I can only count 1 time that i ...

#bodiesMade My Day

3 comments | January 30th, 2012


(story submitted by Flat Girl, a Chestist)

Here's a happy tale, from what we presume is one of our younger readers.  But no matter your age, feeling good about being you is what we're all about.  Here's "Flat Girl" speaking her truth:

I'm finally going to say this. I'm flat-chested. Very. 32-A!

I've always been tormented for how puny I am. My sister used to call me a 'concentration camp kid'. I'm not anorexic. I'm just tiny. Women with big breasts always seem to get the men. Always. Not just in movies, in real life too!

Then one day, I was shopping for bras. I was embarrassed because I had to buy the smallest ones. But a woman working at the store came up to me and was so nice.  She told me not to be embarrassed, and helped me pick out some really cute ones. She told me she used to be just like me, afraid to change in the locker room. Then she pointed out how many beautiful women are flatchested too! She made me feel so good, now I show off my chest like they ...

#chestismsWhat Movies Inspired You?

7 comments | January 2nd, 2012


First, we owe a big apology to whomever the original source of these specific quotes was, because when we first clipped it (months ago), we clipped carelessly and left out the original url.  We know, not cool. But whomever they are, they did such a nice job pulling a handful of inspirational lines and thoughts from the archives of film, that we hope they won't mind if we share them here even without proper attribution.  If it was you, please forgive us - and please let us know and we'll modify right away. Everything that follows, until our questions, is from the original piece:

"You get what you settle for." This inspirational quote was in the film "Thelma and Louise", starring Susan Sarandon. It's a pretty straight forward quote, with a lot of meaning behind it. What you get out of life is what you try for. If you settle for less, you will get less.

"Do or do not. There is no try." This quote comes from "The Empire Strikes Back", and the famous Yoda recites this inspirational message. ...

#lifestagesHappiness @Work

comment | December 21st, 2011


(story by OOC via The Source)

Research involving 9,000 people globally on what makes for happiness @ work found that those amongst us who are happiest with our jobs:

Stay twice as long in them Spend 2x the amount of time at work focused on what they are paid to do Take 10x less sick leave Are 2x more likly to think they're achieving their potential

Happiness obviosuly (and you can quote us on this) has big upside for the indivudla and the enterprise.  Imagine that.  The reserach (conducted by the iOpene er Institute), found there are 5 key elements to feeling happy with what we do and its subsequent impact on how well we do it:

1. Contribution.

2. Conviction.

3. Culture.

4. Commitment.

5. Confidence.

While you can read the whole article here, we're wondering on a scale of 1-10 (ten being in-love with your job)  how happy are you at work?  Is it you, the job, or are you lacking - or is the company lacking - in one of the 5 things listed above?

And finally, how much does how happy you are at work spill-over into how happy you are generally?  ...

Love & SexKiss Me, You Fool!

29 comments | December 20th, 2011


(story by Mir, from WouldaCouldaShoulda)

I recently wrote a post about TLC's "The Virgin Diaries," and while the truth is that I love a good trainwreck, I've realized that my horrified fascination with this particular spectacle goes deeper than that. It's not (just) that I love seeing people behave in cringe-worthy ways. It's not (just) that I'm fascinated by the psychology behind life choices different than my own.

No. See, I've realized that the primary reason I'm unable to turn away from this particular show is that I take kissing very seriously. Really! I view kissing as one of the singular pleasures of this mortal life.

[And I'm not using "kissing" as a euphemism, here. I have similar feelings about, er, more intimate activities as well. But I feel particularly strongly about kissing because 1) it's fairly harmless, even if you decide to engage in it casually, 2) it's okay for most everyone (excepting some of the folks on that TV show), even not-quite-adults, to share with a romantic interest, and 3) it's just plain happy-making. For most people, anyway.]

Watching people kiss so awkwardly in "The Virgin ...