Love & SexNot Supposed To

10 comments | May 15th, 2011


(submitted by an anonymous OOC reader)

Unrequited love can hurt like a mofo. One of our readers sent this in: "I'm in love with someone I'm not supposed to be in love with." [end of story.] 

Is there a "supposed to" when it comes to feelings? Have you been in a similar situation? Share your story. 

Happy HatingLiar

9 comments | May 10th, 2011


(submitted by OOC reader Gr4vl)

"I am absolutely tired of so-called friends calling me a liar. I mean really, who needs to know every single detail of a person's life?!

I don't tell you a few things and that suddenly makes me a mysterious liar who you can't trust...well you can take that bull somewhere else cause I will not be putting up with it.  Oh and next time you're in need of a good friend remember I'm a liar you can't trust."  Do you ever lie to your friends?  About what? 

Happy HatingTruly Terrible

8 comments | May 7th, 2011


(submitted by an anonymous OOC reader)

"Yesterday, a man who has disappointed and hurt me more times than I care to count over 10 years did something truly terrible to me. And instead of saying to myself 'This is a bad person', I said to myself 'I must be a bad person, undeserving, etc.' Why do we do this to ourselves?"

#bodiesToo Pointy

23 comments | May 6th, 2011


(submitted anonymously by an OOC reader)

"I think I have the weirdest nipples ever and my boobs are too pointy. I'm so afraid what guys will think when they see them." 

Can you relate?  What, if anything, would you change about your boobs?

#lifestagesGive Me A Break

6 comments | May 6th, 2011


(submitted by OOC reader Ashley)

"I wish people would just STOP asking me what I'm planning on doing for the rest of my life! Once I figure that out I'll freaking fill you in okay. Yes, I am graduating soon but that doesn't mean I'm any closer to knowing what my future holds. Give me a break. Ahhh deep breaths.. everything will work out, won't it?" Yeah, why the eff do people do this? But anyway, how do you overcome your anxieties about your future? 




Love & SexBack Off, Asshole

6 comments | May 5th, 2011


(submitted anonomously) 

"I'm tired of being blamed for my friend's depression. He wanted to date me, I said no, and now he's in the pits of despair. Which happens with rejection, we've all felt it. But he's actually going around telling people that I put him in his state of depression, not the act of being rejected. He's even going so far as making stuff up about me and trying to get our mutual friends to side with him by way of these lies. I didn't do anything to him. I merely said "I don't think it would work out" and in a very polite tone too. What he's telling everyone: "She's destroying me. Every time I'm with her, she smothers my soul". I'm sorry he's hurt, I honestly am. But I'm tired of him blaming me for his feelings. I can't help that I don't think we're compatible romantically and it's not my problem that he was so attached to the idea. He put himself in this depression, my rejection of him may have contributed to his feeling ...

Happy HatingYou Screwed Me Over

13 comments | May 4th, 2011


(submitted by Kaitlin)

"you were my best friend. i told you everything and i did anything for you. i completely trusted you, and i trusted you not to talk behind my back,trusted you to not tell my secrets,not to lie to our mutual friends about my life. i trusted you because we were best friends,

i never said one damn bad word about you,but you screwed me over. friends improve our life,but you only showed me how evil and cruel some people are. thanks to you i am paranoid and worried that people will take what i say,and spin it. i see the world differently, and now my view is tainted.  you fucked my perception and now i trust no one, all because you wanted to be seen in a better light. i will keep being polite to you,but i learned from my mistake, you wont ever take fucking advantage of me ever again." ...

Happy HatingI Am Sad

6 comments | April 28th, 2011


(submitted anonymously by an OOC reader)

I am sad. Sad because things are not easier. I am sad because I haven't gotten it done. I am sad that people don't do what they should and I am sad because I keep hoping they will. I am sad that I am sad when I have so much to be grateful for and happy about. I am open and ready for change. Soon would be good. 

Love & SexWho Knew

5 comments | April 28th, 2011


(submitted anonymously by an OOC reader)

"I am surprised that I miss him so much." [end of story]

#chestismsThe Dalai Lama, a Chestism

9 comments | March 1st, 2011


"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." 


What action can you take right now?  Right now?  Big or small, we bet there's something.  Come on, declare it and then make it so.  X