#bodiesThe Vagina is Becoming Big Business

5 comments | November 10th, 2011

no one would know

This article's a bit old, a month or so, but we've been busy.  It's so good, we're just reprinting it here.  You can find the original here.

By MAE ANDERSON, AP Retail Writer

NEW YORK (AP) — Celebrities are gabbing about it openly. A growing number of grooming products cater to it. And a recent TV commercial hails it as "the cradle of life" and "the center of civilization."

The vagina is becoming big business.

A generation that grew up with more graphic language and sexual images in the media is forgoing the decades-old practice of tiptoeing around female genitalia in favor of more open dialogue about it. To reach digital-age 20- and 30-somethings, who also have shortened attention spans, marketers are using ads that are edgier, more frank and sometimes downright shocking.

"Gen Y people are more relaxed about their bodies, so there's more attention to products that people would have been embarrassed to talk about before," says Deborah Mitchell, executive director for the Center for Brand and Product Management at the University of Wisconsin School of Business. "It's part of this trend of women saying, 'Hey, we're not ...

#thecumulativeeffectKTLA News Anchor Loses it On Concerned Dad

comment | November 9th, 2011


#bodies…A Stupid Waste of Time

17 comments | November 9th, 2011

stupid waste

(By OOC and via TheGirlRevolution.com)

So you might have heard about The Self-Esteem Act we've proposed, requiring "Truth in Advertising" labeling be attached to any ad or editorial that meaningfully changes the human form through digital manipulation, like photoshopping.  It's our hope that the Act might help contribute to stemming the epidemic cirsis of confidence affecting girls and women.  Not everyone agrees with us.

We bumped into the story below (reposted here with the author's permission) at TheGirlRevolution.com.  We love their site, their vision and mission, and everything they're trying to do.  We also love that they disagree with us so openly and productively and allowed us to disagree with them, equally. 

A large part of what we're hoping to accomplish with and through The Self-Esteem Act is to help mainstream a conversation about the aforementioned epidemic  - because no matter what the right answers are, they'll happen faster and with greater scale if the problems come to be understood and recognized at a mainstream level. Dissent (productive dissent) helps do this. 

And, we don't pretent to suggest that the act is the final answer or ...

#bodiesMakes Me Angry

3 comments | November 5th, 2011

new chestist

(story submitted by Leo, a 25 year-old Chestist)

My Message: I hate how in magazines like they have to celebrate it when they feature a "plus size" model (which is usually still a slender woman).


It's as if they are saying: "Look, we're featuring models DESPITE them being fat! How advanced are we?" instead of saying: "We employ models, they are beautiful people. Size? What's that?". It makes me proper angry.  

And what of you, dear Chestists?  Does the presence - or the absence - of "plus-sized" models trouble you as it does our writer?  


And do you see images that look like you reflected in the media...plus-sized, small-sized, round-sized, not?

#thecumulativeeffectClearly TSA Doesn’t Stand For The Style Authority

3 comments | November 2nd, 2011


(story submitted by 20 Something Wannabe, a Chestist)

"I need a female assist with a bulky dress!"


You've got to be kidding me. As I moved into what can only be described as a Plexiglas tube at Miami International Airport security I started to tear up. Never had I had such a lucid Cher Horowtiz moment. Sure I have the buzzed "lets take a lap before we commit to a location" upon entering any club or party but is there a girl that was a pre-teen in the 90's that doesn't say that?


I immediately wanted to shout at him. "Bulky! This dress is vintage." Who do you think you are, Rachel Zoe? Look, I get you're doing your job keeping our skyways safe and all but I really don't think it's necessary to insult my fashion sense. Not what Obama had in mind.


I wanted to pull a freeze frame moment a la Zack Morris. FYI the dress was a colorful vintage maxi halter and it looked a lot better with the boho Splendid cardigan and straw fedora you made me take off and put thru the x-ray machine.

Finally the female ...

#bodiesSupport The Self-Esteem Act. Come on.

comment | October 31st, 2011

Screen shot 2011-10-05 at 2.35.04 PM

#lifestagesRevoking My Own Feminist Card

9 comments | October 31st, 2011

new chestist

(story submitted by Peva, a Chestist)

Message Body:

I thought I was a modern woman of the twenty-first century, but lately I'm starting to question that.

Ironing my husband's shirts? Check.

Doing my darnedest to make sure I've got a hot dinner waiting for him? Check.

Moving to a new city and state for his job and redefining my career? Check.

I love caring for him and love the life we've created, but sometimes I wonder how I'll find my own ideal balance between playing wife and being my own woman. {end story}.

Ah, life.  Sometimes even when it's good it forces us to make compromises and choose between a and b.  Actually, often times it does.  Whether you're married or not, you ever find yourself being pulled in two directions...torn between what you're doing, want to do - and maybe even what you thought you'd always do or be?


#bodiesEmma Watson

5 comments | October 26th, 2011

(story by OOC via DailyNews)

We saw this quote from actress Emma Watson, and it kind of just bummed us out:


"It's ridiculous that being comfortable with yourself seems such an unrealistic goal."

  It's not that she's one of the most beautiful women in the world (in fact, one of us here @OOC HQ has a totally age inappropriate crush on her); it's not that she's Hermione Granger for crying outloud, it IS that she's a woman and feels that feeling good in her own skin is such a high-bar that it's "unrealistic".  Why?  Why?  Why?     Do you feel comfortable with yourself?  If you don't, why not and do you feel like Emma does, and that it's an unrealisitic goal?  If you do feel comfortable with yourself ...

#bodiesGene, Genie

12 comments | October 17th, 2011


(story by OOC via  UCLA Newsroom)   Life Scientists (a title we've not heard before) at UCLA recently identified a gene, a teeny, tiny gene, that links directly to an individual's sense of optimism and self-esteem.  How 'bout that?!     The original article is smarter than we are, so we couldn't understand a lot of it, but apparently this is a really big deal because "sometimes people are skeptical that genes predict any kind of behavior or psychological state. I think we show conclusively that they do," said the lead researcher who also stressed "that while genes may predict behavior, they do not determine it...       Some people think genes are destiny, that if you have a specific gene, then you will have a particular outcome. That is definitely not the case," Taylor said. "This gene is one factor that influences psychological resources and depression, but there is plenty of room for environmental factors as well. A supportive childhood, good relationships, friends and even other genes also play a role in the development of psychological resources, and these factors also play a very substantial role in whether people become depressed."    

Interestingly, as if this ...

#thecumulativeeffectSex or Self-Esteem? Pick 1.

12 comments | October 17th, 2011


(story by OOC via WashingtonPost)

According to this article by Ezra Klein in The Washington Post, "young adults like and want moments that boost self esteem more than having sex, eating a favorite food, drinking or pretty much any other pleasurable activity the paper studied...


Participants were asked to imagine their favorite food, sexual activity and self-esteem building experience, such as getting a good grade or receiving a compliment.Then, participants asked how much they “liked” and “wanted” each of those things. The (participants) “liked” and “wanted” the self-esteem boosts more than either of the other activities."


(read the whole story here)


Apparently, these results set off "alarm bells"...which we don't really understand - mostly because (and we're no longer young adults) we agree with the participants.  Seriously, sex and good food last about the same amount of time (if you chew quickly) and self-esteem can be so much more enduring and meaningful, right?  Or no?


So here's our question...take the test, self-esteem or sex or good food or...what would you rather have than high self-esteem?  Tell us, si vous plait.

#bodies10 Things About Beauty

8 comments | October 13th, 2011


(story by OOC via businessinsider.com)

Here's 10 things about beauty from an article in Business Insider:


"On measures of affect and mood, physically attractive people score higher than less physically attractive people.  People perceive physically attractive people as smarter, more successful, more sociable, more dominant, sexually warmer, mentally healthier and higher in self-esteem than their physically unattractive counterparts. While this 'beauty is good' effect is moderately strong, studies show that attractive people are neither more nor less intelligent than less attractive people.  Physically attractive people are more relaxed and socially adept and less socially anxious and lonely than less physically attractive people.  We are more likely to divulge personal information about ourselves to physically attractive people than we are to divulge less physically attractive people.  We are more likely to help a physically attractive person than we are a physically unattractive person.  If we are presented with a group of people and asked to use non-physical cues to identify who has psychopathology, we are more likely identify physically unattractive people as we are to identify more physically attractive people.  Physically attractive people with psychological disturbance are judged to be more maladjusted and to have a ...

#lifestagesHappy National Coming Out Day!

28 comments | October 11th, 2011


(story by Mir from WouldaCouldaShoulda.com - and you'll be glad you did.)

There's this app on Facebook that lets you donate your status for National Coming Out Day, and it changes your status to say something about how you stand with others for LGBT equality. I did it last year; I did it again this year. I don't know that my donated status is changing anyone's life, really. It seems like a small thing to do, and I don't usually "do" Facebook meme kinds of things, but I don't know, this is something I always feel like doing.

I try to imagine a world where people would hate me or discriminate against me just because I love my husband, and realize that's a reality for a lot of people, and it just makes me angry. Thinking about people using love as a justification for hate makes me stabby, which I realize has the potential to become an endless cycle of wrongness. But there it is. I believe the world needs more love. I believe hating people who love differently is counterproductive. And I want my kids to grow up ...

#bodiesI’m Going To Say Vagina a Lot

50 comments | October 4th, 2011


(story by Mir from Woulda Coulda Shoulda.com)

I'm just going to apologize in advance for this one. If you're of a delicate constitution and discussion of genitals makes you feel faint (and not in a good way, one assumes), please feel free to skip the following.


If you can handle a little bit of anatomy-talk in the name of honest discussion, onward!


Okay. So, over the summer, Summer's Eve debuted a line of commercials which featured... talking vaginas. Really, hands imitating vaginas. Which talked. Said vagina-hands (hand-vaginas?) also exploited just about every racist stereotype possible, and so there was a swift and immediate push-back from the public, and the ads disappeared just as swiftly as they'd appeared. (Thank goodness.) If you find this equal parts intriguing and horrifying, you can read about it and see the videos over at Adweek.


When this happened, people blogged about it, and complained about it on Twitter, and I saw it all happen and thought, "Man, some ad executive just lost his job." (His; of course his, because what self-respecting woman would've thought up that campaign? Exactly.)


Then I went on with my life, because people ...

#lifestagesMental Health Day

5 comments | October 4th, 2011


(story by OOC via theage.com) 

Self-esteem can often get pigeonholed into how we feel about how we look.  While for a lot of us that may be a driver, here @OOC HQ, we think of it more broadly, and define it as how we feel about us and where we're at.


Even when where we're at is the office.  And, at least in Australia, stress and not physical injury is the #1 cause of work absence.


You ever take a mental health day?  What leads you to that p - or help you get out of bed in the morning?


And for you at OOC HQ, stop reading and get back to work!

#bodiesPlus Sized?

13 comments | September 30th, 2011

new chestist

(story submitted Anonymously, by a Chestist)

I cant stand it when they put women in magazines or ads and they call them " plus " sized. Since when is a size 8 a plus size? These women look thinner than my thigh for pete's sake. Get real. {end story}  


What do you guys think about the designation "Plus Sized"? 


Where's plus-size begin for you?