Does Arianna Huffington Hate Women?

2 comments | March 14th, 2013

(by Feel More Better)

AriannaShe probably doesn’t.  And maybe it’s just us, but we think if, as Arianna does, you champion women’s rights on the one-hand maybe you shouldn’t oversee a business that objectifies, sexualizes and stereotypes women routinely on the other.

Whether doing so is moral convenience, straight-up hypocrisy, or a business-decision that ignores its social consequences…at a minimum it’s inconsistent and talking out of both sides of your mouth.

And so we started this petition to ask Arianna Huffington to consider the disconnect between what she says and what her eponymous media empire does. We figured that a leader like Arianna must not realize how routine and rampant the denigration is.  She’s busy, after all and maybe she doesn’t have time to read the Huffington Post. Surely, we thought, being made aware of the problem she’d see it as an opportunity to do right, and to lead.  The evidence of the objectification is so clear, so obvious, so plain to see over and over so many times each day…how could she do nothing?

But we didn’t just start a petition, we emailed her.  And you know what, she emailed back in about 2 hours saying she’d be happy to discuss even if she disagrees. Now, Arianna is nothing if not politically astute, and so she’s on record as having replied…but the thing is, it doesn’t seem she’s all that happy to discuss as she hasn’t replied to any of our subsequent emails trying to set time to meet. We suspect that’s because our petition has been wildly underwhelming in its results. Women, organizations, men we’d think would have immediately stood with us on this have not. We’ve asked those who haven’t signed or supported to tell us if we’re wrong. They’ve been equally silent about this, and again, we think the evidence of the headlines speak for themselves…so how wrong could we be? We read. We can see. And so can you.

We’ve taken to trying to prove the point that seems so clear to us, by substituting Arianna’s name for another proper noun inside Huffington Post headlines and/or tweets. So if they write “Rihanna” or “Miley”  we write “Arianna”. Every example below comes from them (again with the exception that we’ve changed the names to protect the objectified.) This is far from all of them over the past few weeks, but we think it continues to make the point.

Why do we keep fighting this fight in the face of no support from those we’d think would? Because we have a 7 year-old daughter and a 6 year-old son. Because if we can’t expect better from the likes of an Arianna, who do we think will lean in to change? Read the below and let us know what you think. If we’re wrong, we want to know. Oh, and please sign the petition too.  Maybe we can get Arianna to reply.

  1. Arianna Huffington Wishes She Were More Slutty
  2. Arianna Huffington: My Vagina Smells Like Roses
  3. NSFW: Arianna Flashes Her Headlights
  4. Sweaty Arianna
  5. PHOTO: Arianna Huffington’s Swimsuit Nightmare
  6. Arianna For Playboy
  7. Arianna’s 3D Dress
  8. Arianna Sex Tape
  9. Arianna’s Hot Workout Pants
  10. Arianna Looks Different
  11. Arianna Huffington Nearly Flashes All
  12. Arianna’s Midriff
  13. Arianna’s Tiny Shorts
  14. Arianna’s Risky Dress
  15. Arianna’s Skin Tight Dress
  16. Arianna Goes Low Cut
  17. Arianna Talks Knickers
  18. Arianna’s Skinny Pics
  19. PHOTOS: Arianna Huffington Leaves Her Bra At Home
  20. Arianna Shows Too Much Skin
  21. Arianna’s Lingerie Photoshoot
  22. Arianna Without Make-up
  23. Arianna’s Jumpsuit
  24. Arianna Debuts Boob Window Dress
  25. Arianna Huffington Overdoses On The Bronzer
  26. Arianna Huffington Doesn’t Leave Much to the Imagination
  27. Arianna Huffington’s Body is Bananas
  28. PHOTOS: Arianna Huffington Goes Sheer on the Red Carpet
  29. Arianna Flashes Tummy
  30. Arianna Looks Different
  31. Arianna Huffington is Super Skinny 11 Months After Baby
  32. NSFW PHOTOS: Arianna Suffers Nip Slip on Runway
  33. What the Heck Is Arianna Huffington Wearing
  34. WHOOPS: Arianna Flashes Her Panties
  35. Arianna Huffington Accused of Facelift
  36. Does Arianna Huffington Look Different
  37. Arianna Huffington Sex Tape
  38. Arianna Not Wearing Much
  39. LOOK: Arianna Without Make-Up
  40. WATCH: Arianna Huffington’s cleavage Proves Distracting For Jay Leno
  41. Arianna’s Miniscule Bikini
  42. We Bet You Didn’t  Know Arianna Posed For Playboy
  43. We Didn’t Realize Arianna Huffington Was This TINY
  44. Arianna Huffington Baring LOTS of Skin. Who’s Surprised?
  45. Arianna Goes Pantsless
  46. Arianna Huffington Shoots Sexy Carl’s Junior Ad
  47. Arianna Stuns in Tiny Shorts
  48. Arianna Huffington Flaunts Hear Curves in a Strong Bikini
  49. Arianna’s Butt Makes An Appearance At Soccer Game
  50. Arianna Relaxes in Little Bikini
  51. Is Arianna Huffington Suffering From Nipplegate?
  52. LOOK: Arianna Sports Sexy T-shirt (And Nothing Else) For Good Cause
  53. Arianna Gained HOW MUCH Baby Weight?
  54. Arianna Huffington Flashes Sideboob On Her Latest Cover

(Oh, and the post photo is obviously a cut and paste, and only Arianna from the neck up. Hopefully, you and she get the visual metaphor.)


  • SixStrongHands

    Posted on April 30, 2013

    Putting her name in the headlines is genius.
    And it kind of highlights again just how awful the headlines are.
    I agree, her response was political. Someone with two smartphones
    surely can find a minute to discuss this with you.
    I’m proud of you guys.

    Btw, I tried to sign the petition but the link didn’t work.

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