Check out our list of FAQ's and A's below, but if you’ve got a question and don’t see it here (or maybe our answer just stinks), hit us at TalkToUs@FeelMoreBetter.com, and we’ll get back to you asap.

Can I Submit Anonymously?
Heck yes.  While we here at FMB HQ are all about speaking your truth and exposing your self, we get that it's sometimes more comfortable to keep things on the down-low .  After all, you may want to talk about the fact that you've decided to marry your pony (Wilbur!) even if you're not yet ready to share that truth with your friends.   Don't worry, though, you'll feel better for just having gotten it off your chest.
You can comment anonymously (follow the directions there) and selected story submissions will be posted anonymously as a matter of course.  That means they will NOT be posted with your name attached unless so specified.  In other words, we automatically assume you want to remain anonymous unless you tell us to shout your identity from the rooftops.  That said, we encourage you to be proud of what you've written/drawn/videotaped/etch-a-sketched because it's you and you are (say it all together now) you.
How Do I Submit and Share My Story (video, text, pictures, interpretive dance)?
It’s so easy.  Anything that’s a small file – meaning not a video –  you can just send to stories@feelmorebetter.com.  If your expression is a video, just put it up on youtube or your favorite video site, and flip the link to us at stories@feelmorebetter.com.  
We won't be able to post everything, but until the quantity of submissions gets overwhelming (one day, maybe)…we’ll look at and read everything.  Oh, and don’t forget to read the Terms of Service and all its teeny, tiny-print legal at feelmorebetter.com before you submit anything.
How Does FMB Decide What Stories to Post?
It’s a little like applying to college.  All submissions go before a panel, which then ranks them based on intelligence, insight, wit and charm. 
Kidding!  We don't have any specific criteria, they can be funny, sad, unbelievable, totally believable, something you’ve never shared with anyone; something you tell everyone but haven’t yet told us (we’re waiting…).  But we're looking for stories about how you feel about you…and why; stories about what gets in the way of your being a happier you.  And the stories we’ll post will be those we think the FMB community will relate to, connect with, and learn from.  Or, just be entertained by.  While we love pictures and videos of cats…and find them oh so wildly entertaining, they’re not likely to get posted.  We’re just saying.
Speaking of not getting posted.  Opinion pieces are always welcome.  However, judgments against others aren’t and 'yucking on someone else's yum yum' is a surefire way to NOT get published.  Feel free to email us if you have questions about your specific story or submission.
How Can I Get in Touch With FMB?
We prefer you send all requests, submissions and questions via snail mail with some form of massage gift certificate attached.  It's tough being us, too!
Or, you could simply email us at TalkToUs@FeelMoreBetter.com (talk to us at feel more better dot com).  Or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.  We will reply for sure.
How Can I Help?
Not to get sentimental, but you've already done so much just by being here.  If you really want to help us fight the good fight, however (against ourselves!  against the cumulative effect!  against our cracked out way of looking at our own bodies!), submit your story; share your word, your truth, your self!  Support others who've submitted through constructive comments that keep the conversation going. Encourage non-joiners to join in.  Like us on Facebook.  Like us anywhere…we like it.  Spread the word; share the love; be the change.
And let us know what we can do differently, better, and other-wise by hitting us up at TalkToUs@feelmorebetter.com (talk to us at feel more better dot com).