Happiness, an iPhone Click Away

comment | November 3rd, 2012

New iPhone App Puts Happiness In The Palm Of Your Hand


Pittsford, NY    Jan 03, 2012 in Health and Fitness

[prMac.com] Pittsford, New York – In an age of hyper digital inter-connectivity, mobile phones manage their owners' lives by keeping them organized, plugged in, entertained and informed. However, for as tethered as everyone is to these modern mechanical marvels, are they doing anything to help anyone live a measurably happier life?

Cloud Nine – Combining iPhone Technology With Positive Psychology:
That's precisely the question that prompted an Emotional Intelligence expert and a former tech CEO to create Cloud Nine. Now, smartphones can also act as centers for balance and well-being by combining iPhone technology and research of positive psychology in one simple happiness fostering iPhone app. Cloud Nine tracks 12 different elements related to well-being, including measurements of achievement, gratitude, kindness, exercise, sleep, mood and meditation. Plus, the app automatically and privately charts complex correlations between these traits and offers touch button tools such as a gratitude log and techniques to dispute pessimism and manage exercise – all in a user friendly package that takes little time to use.

The Elements Of A Happy Life – Now In The Palm Of Your Hand:
Based on the growing field of "Positive Psychology", the Cloud Nine app simplifies and combines research from the world's leading universities and psychology experts to help users from every walk of life reach measurably higher levels of happiness. The elements of a happy life, such as resilience and optimism, are actually scientifically proven to be better predictors of a person's educational achievement than their IQ, for example; and empirical data from studies on subjects that range from the nuns of Notre Dame to soldiers in the US Army altogether prove that positive thinking can even extend a person's life.

Cloud Nine Helps Make Happiness A Priority Once Again:
Much of Cloud Nine is based on helping human beings with what is often brushed aside during the daily rush of living in a modern world. Take sleep, for example. Without adequate sleep over time, one's physical and mental wellness quickly begin to take a toll. Cloud Nine tracks sleep patterns to help users recognize, foster, and realize the real benefits of happiness that result from improved sleep practices.

Cloud Nine Offers Personal Insight And Guidance Toward Happiness:
An exciting functionality to the Cloud Nine app is its "Well-Being GPS". Based on sophisticated logic, Cloud Nine will be able to track personal data over the course of a few weeks and then calculate what actions and attitudes can help the user achieve mental and physical higher grounds. Such customized feedback could read as follows: "Analyzing data from the last few weeks, we believe you can improve on your well-being. During this period your mood shows a positive trend. The tools with the highest correlation to your mood are Exercising and Flow. Keep it up! You may also want to invest more in Achieving and Meditating."