I Like My BFF

7 comments | December 17th, 2011

(story submitted anonymously, by a Chestist)

Unrequited love; it's such a bummer…

I've liked my best friend for the better part of two years. I may even love him, but he'll never look at me like that.

The disgusting thing is, instead of getting upset that he doesn't like me, I'm angry at myself that I haven't gotten over it yet. {end story}

You ever loved – or been loved – by a bestie, or a boss, or a cousin, or anyone who for some reason, whatever reason, was never going to look at you like that?  Talk about hating on your happy.  How'd you deal with it?  Like our writer, were you mad at you for not getting over it?


  • Ell Pea

    Posted on December 17, 2011

    I loved my best friend from the 7th grade all the way through freshman year of college. Everyone knew, there was nothing secret about it, and as much as he loved me, he never loved me (or liked me) like that. There were times when it was really, really hard. Some of our other friends would get frustrated with me for not getting over him. How could I get over him? We were BFFs.

    This was all complicated by the fact that neither of us really dated anyone else and I just couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t just try something “more.” It was also complicated by the fact that I couldn’t accept the fact the he wasn’t attracted to me which was the big issue in all this.

    15 years later, we’re still friends. I was at his wedding and he was at mine and now my years-long crush on him is a running joke with all our friends (most of who we’re still friends with). It is funny now. It was not then.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted on December 17, 2011

    I always think the only way to get past one love is to find another. Get on your horse, girl, and ride.

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  • Susie

    Posted on December 17, 2011

    When I was 13 I was completely infatuated with my cousin’s husband. He was, in my mind, the perfect man. Handsome, funny, goo athlete, smart, etc. Of course he had no interest in me, but I followed his every move.

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  • KT

    Posted on December 17, 2011

    I am totally hot for my BFF;s BF.
    It is a terrible feeling.
    I can’t help it.
    I think I need to move to another planet.

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  • Sofia

    Posted on December 21, 2011

    Why try to ‘get over it’? There’s nothing better than loving another person — and its the feeling of loving that we love. Let yourself love your BFF and know that it only makes you more able to love others who come into your life. All that unrequited love crap — it’s an old fairy tale that no longer serves anyone (if it ever did). You love your BFF, your BFF loves you — and sex isn’t necessary to fulfill every relationship.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted on January 15, 2012

    I’ve been in love with my best guy friend since he moved to my town 7-ish years ago. After all these years, I think he finally loves me as well. But I’m afraid to ruin the friendship. But I think all in all, I would never take back the way I feel about him, if I had the chance.

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