I Shouldn’t Have Said Those Things

4 comments | July 2nd, 2012

(story submitted by Arrested Development, a 28 yo Chestist)

(image by Carl James Ferraro)

Really, how old am I?  The answer is 28 but based on how I handled myself the other night it'd be reasonable to think 14.

I was having a fight with my boyfriend for the too-many-th time.  We've both known this relationshio was over, just neither of us wanted to end it going into summer.  You're practically supposed to be dating someone in summer.  Making out on the beach, having sex in the pool, spending warm nights outside, all that stuff.  Like 2 Ostriches, we both have just stuck our heads in the sand and kept going.

Then I just snapped.  All the things he'd been doing that have annoyed me for so long just piled up and the camel's back broke.  Rather than handle it like an adult, I found myself name-calling, insulting, and not being very nice at all.  At all. 

Maybe I was angrier than I thought, even thenm I don't think that's an excuse for telling him he's a bad lover (he was fine) or that he should get dental work.  I don't know where this mean, vindictive, 14 year-old version of me came from. Wherever, I'm sad she did, I'm embrassed I acted like that, and I said horrible things to someone who didn't deserve them.  I shouldn't have said those things and feel terribly. {end story}

Who we are is made up of a lot of pieces.  You ever find yourself saying something you wish you could take back? Go on and get it off your chest.  Odds are good there's some reading who's been feeling terribly about herself for doing the same thing.  Share your story and maybe you'll help change hers.


  • Anonymous

    Posted on July 2, 2012

    My older sister and my mom used to have terrible fights. They would say the WORST things to each other, and it completely freaked me out. I was the one who would start crying. I was never like that. I always thought about what I said, even in the heat of the moment. My mother and my sister could just let all that vitriol roll off their backs. Sigh…..

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  • Bri

    Posted on July 2, 2012

    Almost all of us have the capability of going to that immature, mean girl place. It’s not very cool, but we’ve all done it. I have. I’ve said some really nasty things to my friends over the years. Sorry!

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