Life Changing Moments

4 comments | December 10th, 2012

(via Salon.com via Smithmag.net)

We bumped into this article in our travels across the interwebs, on our never-ending search for that which will enthrall and intrigue you, and provoke your thought (how we doing, btw?).

The Smithmag piece features the stories of authors known and not, recalling the moments in their lives that changed them, defined them, made them who they are and aren’t. We were inspired.

And so we ask you, are there moments in your life on which you look back and think “that one changed me”?  Which ones are they?  What happened and why did it matter?  Did you realize its importance at the time?  Let’s talk life-changing moments, shall we?  You share yours and we’ll share ours.  XO, FMB


  • K.K.

    Posted on January 11, 2012

    Not sure if this is a “life changing” moment or more a “sliding doors” (remember that movie with Gwyneth?) moment, it’s what came to mind though.

    I was 20 and in college. I’d had an on again off again relationship with this boy, but we’d been off again for months. One night, out with friends, we spent the whole night talking and as things do, one thing lead to another. We went back to his place, one he shared with 3 friends, all of whom I knew and none of whom I wanted to see. My on-again-off-again had a private door from outside the house into his room, which he said he’d left unlocked. We get to his house and are practically pealing off our clothes as we get to the door – and it’s locked. Locked.

    So we go around to the front of the house hoping no one would still be in the LR, and yes, everyone was still in the LR, and nothing happened. So the night that might have been, never was. The sliding door moment is that about a month later, he met someone else and 6 weeks later, I did. I’ve always thought that if his door had been unlocked we’d have been on-again, and that neither of us would have wound up with those others. It’s always made me wonder how different my life might have been but for a locked door.

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  • GdeLH

    Posted on January 11, 2012

    When I was 29, my BFF died. I wound up marrying her BF. We’ve been married for 12 years, and have 2 kids – one of whom is named after her. If she hadn’t died, I wouldn’t be married to this man and have these children. How’s that for life-changing?

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  • Anonymous

    Posted on January 11, 2012

    Reading Eckhardt Tolle’s The Power of Now changed my life. I think I need to read it again.

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