Love and/Or Money

8 comments | April 20th, 2012

(story submitted by Cie, a Chestist)

My 3 closest friends just had an "attitude intervention" with me.  They took me out to dnner and in the middle of it I could seem them all making eye contact and looking serious,  Then they proceeded to launch into how miserable I've been to myself and to nbe around for the past few months.  That all I do is complain about how my life sucks and that they were just overt it.  The things is, they're right.

My 30th birthday was in January, and I've been in a total funk since then.  I didn't think it wuld be such a big deal, it's just a number, but I have been spraling since then.  My life is fine.  It's my banck account that's not. I always thought by the time I was 30, I'd have a job and financial security.  I have a job, but no financial security.  Ok, some financial security.  It's just that all my friends married really successful guys and on top of their careers, they've got so much money and do and buy whatever they ant.

I hate thinking I'm so superficial and material that whether or not I can buy a new bag or new shoes or eat out 4 nights a week makes a difference to me.  It seems to becuase I'm so jealous of how carefree my friends are.  I think I've been so miserable becuase I feel like I'm financially trapped.  I remember when I was a girl and at dinner my father would say "don't let your eyes be bigger than your stomach".  These days, I think my eyes are bigger than my wallet and I'm suddenly feeling like not only do I not have a man but that I need to find a man with money.  I can't even believe I'm thinking that way.  I want to marry for love not money.  Can't I have both? {end story}

Love or money…if you had to pick just one which one would you pick?