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Lying Liars

one comment | June 28th, 2012

(story submitted anonymously by a Chetsist)

I've just broken up with the most dishonest person I've ever known.  I look back and can see so many lies told.  None of them were huge in and of themselves.  All of them add up to huge and to it being so clear I can't trust this guy at all.  So many little lies.  Too many.

I always had had a sense, and then when I caught him in the first lie I didn't do anything.  I should have.  Then once that one was clear and out, all the others become easier to see until it became intolerable.  I think it should have been intolerable a long time ago.  It makes me angry at myself for being so desperate for something to work that I totally ignored that it wasn't and couldn't.

Part of me wants to tell everyone we know what a liar he is.  I won't though.  Now I'm out and moving on, and I will not make the same mistake again.  Liars suck. {end story}

You ever been the victim ~ or the perpetrator ~ of lies told?  What happened?  How'd you deal with it?




1 comment