Rewriting Fairytales

8 comments | July 10th, 2012

(by Kristen, a Chestist)

I found out I'm having a baby girl over the weekend. To be honest, I was disappointed. Life as a woman in this country is difficult. Beautiful women get a lot more without trying as hard and the rest of us are inundated with media telling us why we're not right for not being those beautiful women.

I didn't want that for my daughter, so I wanted a son. I looked at the ultrasound screen; I saw the difficult life she would have—that I've had—and I cried. And then I realized why it matters more for me to have a girl. It matters because it's time to change my attitude. It's time to make this world understand that beauty isn't as important as what she can do. It's time for me to step up and teach her that she is incredible, smart, talented (no matter what those talents are). And it's time for me to use my own talents to help her understand.

I'm a writer and thanks to my unborn daughter, I have a new project in mind. When she's born, I won't be feeding her Disney fairy tales and stories about frail princesses on horses and men who wield swords. I'll be handing her the sword. I'm going to rewrite every fairy tale so that what she hears each night isn't how helpless girls are, but how important they are, and how empowered SHE can be.

I am the mother of a beautiful baby girl. I am the author of her life. And for her, I will change the world. {end story}