Shit Happens

12 comments | April 18th, 2012

(story submitted anonymously, by a Chestist)

OK, so this isn't a typical story for us to post, but it's not a typical story for us to get either.  The reason we're putting it up is it made us think.  it made us think about how we do and don't overcome embrassments, and why some of the things that are most common among us can still be so shameful and embarassing.  Yes, a couple of very deep thoughts from a story about poop.  Here it is:

I pooped in my pants the other day.  I was driving home after a night out with my GF when my stomach started to cramp and I started to sweat.  I knew right away I needed to find a bathroom and I also knew there was no way I was going to.  To make matters even worse, the Freeway was all backed up and I couldn't even get off to find a dark place on the side of a road to get sick.  It was like a Bridesmaids moment – except it was happening to me and it wasn't funny.

I was panicing, totally freaking out.  I kept trying to will my body to hold on and get past the moment, but that was not happening. 

I decided I didn't have any choice and that there was no way I was going to hold on or make it.  I decided to give in to it and pooped in my pants, in my car, driving home.  There I was, sitting in my own mess, sweating, worrying about my seat and my clothes, and how I'm ever going to get out of my car and into my apartment with no one seeing me.  Traffic still wasn't moving.

Then, for whatever reason, I decided to give myself a break.  I  thought about that bumper sticker "shit happens" and I started laughing.  I mean I was trying not to sit in it but it was there alright.  Giving in to it and realizing there was nothing I could do about it was strangely liberating, I mean I actually felt good about it.  Obviously it wasn't something I wanted to happen but it happened.  As bad as it was and as sick as I felt, I realized I hadn't done anything wrong and wasn't going to make it any worse than it was but getting all mad at me.

Traffic started moving, and I did make it home and into my apartment without anyone seeing me.  I threw everything out and jumped in the shower (thank God my bathroom is right by the front door!).  I don't know if it was food poisoning or what but I didn't get sick again.  The moment passed and I felt fine. {end story}

We're oddly inspired by this (who'd have thunk?).  Why do some of the things that we all have in common make us feel so bad about ourselves?  Have you ever had a wildly embarassing moment (who hasn't)What happened and how'd you get past it?




  • Aimee

    Posted on April 18, 2012


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  • Bee Are

    Posted on April 18, 2012

    Interesting question, OOC people. Why do we still laugh and ew and blush our way through things like bathroom noises, farts, queefs, body smells. These are the things we all have in common. Why do they make us feel so singled out and insecure? I do not know. That they tend to the awkward and smelly seems too easy an answer since if we all embraced our awkward and smelly, they wouldn’t matter.

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  • The Girl Next Door

    Posted on April 18, 2012

    First, I think it’s amazing that you just gave in to the discomfort and let yourself be. It was probably easier to do since you were in the isolated space of your car, but stil.

    What’s funny to me is just a couple of months ago I moved into a new house with a guy roommate and there’s only one bathroom. I think it took me something like 3 weeks before I made my first poop in the house i was so uncomfortable with the idea. Going to the bathroom is so unlady like.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted on April 18, 2012


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  • Tami

    Posted on April 18, 2012

    How about how many times have you leaked from your period?!!! Why are we soooooo ashamed of that? It has happened to me so many times, I can’t even count. In white pants, on a chair in someone else’s house, on a first date… The fun just never stops!

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    • KC

      Posted on April 18, 2012

      And then there’s getting your period when you are having sex for the first time with someone. That is special! Anyone else relate to that?

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  • HR

    Posted on April 20, 2012

    thanks for sharing, a truely refreshing read. ill just say thank god you felt it coming on when you were in the privacy of your own car rather than in the company of others!!

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