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At Feel More Better we're on a mission to make the world an easier place for women and girls to be happyer*. That’s it in a nutshell.

There's a lot out there making it hard for women and girls to be happy these days, and a lot that can hate on your happy.  These things come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors...they’re physical, emotional, social, sexual, sartorial, cultural, familial, whatever they are, they're all over the place, which is why women are less happy today then 35 years ago, and, to pick just one other statistic why some 70% of 12 year old girls don’t think they’re “pretty enough”. 

So we’re waging a fight against things like so-called cultural ideals and norms that may be neither ideal nor normal.  Things like the images, messages, attitudes and expectations that help shape how so many women and girls feel about and look at themselves, and which sit like an albatross on the neck of their being happyer. 

Feel More Better is a mission and a mindset, one we hope'll help you feel you've got the permission to be you in ways big and small, regardless of anyone else who thinks you should be, look, do, think, act otherwise.

The Feel More Better StoryGoods Collections:

We'll admit it.  We didn't set out to make the most fashion-forward Collection in the world.  Nope, we just wanted to make some pretty and basic statements.  Not in the "check-out my Birken bag and pink Loubs" kind of way (not that there's anything wrong with that), but in a here's-what-I-think-matters kind of way.

So when you're wearing or giving or using any of our Feel More Better StoryGoods, you're saying something ~ and reminding yourself and maybe some others about what matters, of how you feel, of how you want to see and be seen, of how you want to live and feel.  Happily.  As You.  Whomever and however you choose to be.

We hope they make you smile and think and remember.  We hope they make you feel good (and more better).  We hope they remind you to live this journey on your terms, and at your happyest. 


XO, eva and seth