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A Word About Our StoryTees

We didn’t set out to make the most fashion-forward tee in the world, just a tee that let’s you rock some style and some substance, and helps you remember some things that matter on the road between here and feeling more better. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Yes, yes, there’s the part about (y)our donating a new StoryBook to an underprivileged little girl for each one you buy…but we’ve already said that. The 2 points we want to make here, is that each shirt carries what we call Chestisms…thoughts and words that matter, and that we hope you (and yours) will think, feel, do, and be as you keep writing the story of you. A happyer you.

Each of our StoryTees is designed and made in L.A. They’re each made super-soft, and to look a little worn, distressed, and comfortable. Each one is a little different and a little imperfect – just like every one of us.

(Oh, yes, and they make lovely gifts for everyone, and we do mean everyone, you know!)

A Word About Our Sizing

We make our StoryTees in sizes ranging from o0 – o5. o0 is like an XS and an o5 an XXL (and an o1 is an S; an o2 an M; an o3 an L, an o4 an XL…but you probably figured that out.)

Our body styles are wee-bit on the fitted side, so you may want to order a size up if you like your StoryTees looser. Or a size-down if you like them really tight. Who are we to judge?

A Word About our Body Styles

As basic as it gets, and the type of shirt you can wear Saturday morning by itself (with pants or leggings or something, of course) or Saturday night with whatever else you wear on Saturday nights.

Low-Back Scoop:
A bit more demure in the front our low-back scoop is, yes, lower in the back, and made with seamless cap sleeves, giving the body a beautiful and uninterrupted flow.

Asymmetrical Crop:
This beauty is our most-fashion forward piece. Loose and drapey (is that a word?), the front hits your waist while we’ve added length to the back (and a French center-seam) so it’ll hit about the bottom of your booty, and for that asymmetrical look. It’s flexible enough in its cut so you can wear it on both shoulders, off one, whatever mood strikes. The bat wing arms are sure to help you fly a little higher too.

We spent a lot of time getting the drape on this just right. It’s loose and flowy, and a bit longer in the back and sides than in front where it falls just below your waist.

Long-Sleeved Vee:
We took the body of our short-sleeved version and added arms with an extra inch or so of length so you could pull the sleeves over your hands and just snuggle in. But we left the arms structured enough that you could push them up to ¾ length if that’s what you’re in the mood for, without having to constantly push them back up because they were constantly falling back down. No detail’s too small!

Long-Sleeved Low-Back Scoop:
We added longer sleeves and a French center-seam, giving this StoryTee a little of what we like to call savoir-flaire. Like its short-sleeved sister, we left out the shoulder seams lending this shirt a beautiful, uninterrupted flow.

Rock it on cooler summer evenings, or layered. What a beautiful StoryTee it makes.

A Word About Caring For Your StoryTees

Each is made with 100% Tencel, an Eco material. You should machine wash in cold with like colors, drying your StoryTees on low, or hanging them dry. Love them as they love you.

Any questions, ideas, comments, things you just want to get off your chests? Hit us at TalkToUs@OffOurChests.com.

A Word of Thanks

Thanks. Thanks for helping us happy up the world for women and girls, one StoryTee at a time. And thanks for helping us put a new book in the hands of an underprivileged little girl. Together, we’re helping change her story for the better. Yay.

A Word About Our Book Donations

We’ve always believed in the power of stories-shared to change lives for the better. That’s why we’re giving a new Storybook to an underprivileged little girl with each StoryTee you buy. We work with First Book in Washington D.C. (www.FirstBook.org) to donate books to populations of girls who need them the most. First Book is one of the country’s largest literacy organizations, and this year is celebrating their 20th anniversary, and will give away their 100 millionth book. How’s that for a good story?

A Few Words About Returns and Exchanges


Exchanges, Returns & Refunds: A How-to-Guide.  Still Have Questions? Email Us: TalkToUs@FeelMoreBetter.com

- We Screwed Up:

If it’s our mistake and we sent you the wrong size, style, or we sent you a diamond ring instead of a onesie, we got it covered 100%.

Just print out the form below letting us know how/where we screwed up, send us back what we sent by mistake, and we’ll overnight the right one (yep, overnight it at our expense) as soon as we get the original back (assuming it’s as beautiful as when we sent it, of course) – no fuss, muss, or more money. Our bad, our responsibility.

- We Didn’t Screw Up: but it’s just not for you?

No worries. Just send back what you don’t want (within 45 days), let us know what you do (another size, another style), and we’ll get it out to you if we've got it. Now, we wish we didn’t have to, but we’ve got to charge you a $10 handling fee for exchanges because we haven’t yet convinced our lovely warehouse team to work for free. Oh, and yes, you’re going to have to cover the shipping too. We’re sorry, we’re sorry. To authorize the exchange (really to authorize our charging you the $10), you first need to email us at TalkToUs@FeelMoreBetter.com for an exchange #. Then, you just fill out the form below, and voila, send it all back to us at the return address (also below.) We can’t accept exchanges without the exchange #. We know. We suck.


Putting our hurt feelings aside, if it doesn’t make you happy, return it – for any reason or no reason at all (cue announcer reading: “assuming it’s as beautiful as when we sent it, of course”) within 45 days.

Ok, now here’s the thing, we covered the shipping and handling fees on the way to you, AND we’re going to get hit with a restocking fee by those same lovely warehouse folks we mentioned above. But because we want you to be happy, we’re going to eat all these fees on returns, but you’re going to have to ship it back to us on your dime. Fair? Yes, we thought so too. So once we get it back and in lovely condition, we’ll refund what you paid for the item(s). 

Feel More Better Returns and Exchanges


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