Summer Bucket-List

3 comments | August 27th, 2012

(by Jenna, 26)

I did it!  I finally got over myself long enough to get through my summer-bucket list.

There were 3 things (only 3!) I wanted to do that i thought would help me look back on this summer as a good one.  I challenged myself to do things that make me uncomfortable so that even if they didn't work out I would grow from the experience.

1. Ask out one guy I met during the summer.  I never ask guys out, but I did. I wanted to ask someone out who I didn't know, as a way of practicing spontaneity and seeing what would happen.  I asked R out (by text, of course) after a summer BBQ at a mutual friend's.  We only went out 3 times but I'm so glad I did it!

2. Not spend summer weekend's hiding my bigger-than-I-want-it-booty. My butt's big.  There it is.  I refused to stay away from the pool or the beach or wear things that I hid behind.  YES, I'd wrap a sarong or something on sometimes but I didn't let my body-anxiety and fears of what-will-they-say-will-they-think-I-am-ugly keep me from having fun.  Yoiu know what?  When you stop hiding you feel like there's less to hide, even if there's as much as there was before.

3. Go out to a movie or dinner or something by myself.  Alone.  I've always thought it was mortifying to be aloine at a restaurant or in a theater so I forced myself to get over myself – again – and I did a movie and dinner.  By myself! It may seem like a small thing but I had so much anxiety around it.  You know what?  I had a great time by myself.  It was only a little weird when I bumped into someone I knew and they asked who I was meeting.  OMG.  At first I really thought I'd lie and make something up.  I didn't though. 

I feel like I can't really tell anyone else I'm proud of myself because they'd think I was crazy and that this is all no big deal.  Whetehr it is or isn't, I'm really proud of myself.  I feel good about me in a way I haven't in a while.  I don't know if it as the 3 things themselves or just that I actually did what I said I would.  Or maybe that's the 4th thing on the list – following though on the commitments I make to myself.  Best summer ever. Now I have to figure out what to do (and wear!) for Fall.  {end story}

We've got one word for Jenna's story ~ Woot and yay!  We love how she overcame social anxiety, body anxiety and just did what she said she'd do.  She is the fear conqueror!  What about you?  You have a bucket-list or learn anything this summer you want to share?  Go on…