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Tell Her One Thing

3 comments | May 16th, 2012

(idea submitted anonymously, by a Chestist)

We got this from one of you a couple of months back and have had it in our inbox since because we think it's a really good idea ~ we just couldn't figure out what to do.  Then, lo and behold, it occurred to us…do what we always do, post it.  Easy right?  So here's an idea and a story-starter from one of you for the rest of us:

i think it would be really cool to do a mother/daughter thing on OOC, maybe ask people to submit something that they wish they could tell their mom or wish they could tell their daughter

Just in time for next year's mother's day, or maybe perfectly timed for today…whether for your mother, your daughter, whomever, share that one thing in the comments.  Remember, if you share your story maybe you'll help change hers.

And always let us know if you have any ideas about things and stories you'd like to see here @OOC.  We promise to move faster next time.



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