The Hypocrisy of Arianna Huffington

one comment | March 7th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 9.56.08 AMHere are 10 headlines (and a screen shot on the left) from the front page of Huffington Post as I type. You decide if 1 by 1 or as a whole they objectify women.

Or, maybe you think they help move women forward in a society that still keeps them back (whether by design or default).  We have our opinion here, and it’s that Arianna is being wildly hypocritical, championing women’s issues and social justice on the one hand, and overseeing a business that uses objectification and sexualization as page-bait, as regularly and consistently and in as much quantity as The Huffington Post does.

Obviously we can all do and think whatever we want.  Arianna has a business to run.  But it seems to us it’s nothing short of wildly hypocritical to hold yourself up as a fighter against wrongs when you keep-on perpetuating the wrongs you say you’re fighting against. Here are those 10:

Sweaty Selena

PHOTO: Tina Fey’s Swimsuit Nightmare

Kate For Playboy

Dita’s 3D Dress

“Teen Mom” Sex Tape

Allison’s Hot Workout Pants

Renee Looks Different

Naomi Watts Nearly Flashes All

What Liking Boobs Could Mean

LOOK: Katniss Everdeen Dons Jaw-Dropping Gown

For 50 more headlines from a couple of weeks ago go here (we’ve stopped reading the Huffington Post in our one-family protest, but trust me when I say the weeks in between were not empty of exactly and more of the same).

And if you’d like to join us in asking Arianna to stop you can sign here: http://chn.ge/WPhcau




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