What I’d Tell Her

4 comments | August 26th, 2012

(by anonymous)

This is what i would tell her if i could…

I wasn't trying to hurt you this was just what i was feeling, and i thought you should know since this is your new life. You really hurt me on a personal level, and i hate how you can always do that but i can't.

Nope i just can't do that to my best friend, I can't tell you that you're terrified of not having an image and hate the thought of not having a man in your life. No i can't tell you that you are basically the product everybody else's ideas. I would never tell you that because i would never want to hurt you i always circle those thoughts, but would never say them because i love you and i don't want you to have another "call for help".

I am someone. you really pissed me off yesterday but most of all you hurt me so fucking much I hate you for that right now. I've put more into this friendship then you ever have, and you don't even give a shit because you always have to be right until your'e down in the dumps and need a real friend again. I don't even know who you are anymore, but i miss you and i know i can't find you…{end story}

What about you?  Have something you need to tell someone but aren't?  Share it here.