What’s The Meanest Thing You’ve Ever Said?

15 comments | February 24th, 2012

(by OOC)

I was 13.  It was a friend's Bat Mitzvah party (yea, that's how we rolled).  I was the new kid in class and wanted to be popular.  And so I walked up to a girl (MM) who'd gone to the school before I did and left when her family moved, two years earlier, who for ehaterv reasons many of my new friends didn't like very much.  I walked straight up to her and said "I don't even know you and I don't like you" and turned around triumphantly.

Hands down the meanest thing I've ever said to anyone.  To add insult to injury…3 years later at Tennis Camp (yea, we rolled like that too), I was again the new kid but this time she was there.  What did she do?  She embraced me with open arms and mind and became a friend.  She was far more evolved than I was.

What's the meanest thing you've ever said to someone?  Why'd you say it?  How'd they react?  Go on and let it out and let it go.  And remember, you can always share it anonymously here @OOC.  You'll feel better. 


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