At Feel More Better we’re on a mission to make the world an easier place for women and girls to be happyer*. That’s it in a nutshell.

There are so may things making this harder and harder and so many things that can hate on your happy.  These things come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors…they’re cultural, physical, emotional, social, sexual, sartorial, familial, whatever they are, they’re all over the place, which is why women are less happy today then 35 years ago, and ~ to pick just one other statistic ~ why some 70% of 12 year old girls don’t think they’re “pretty enough”.  Our question…pretty enough for what and for whom?

So at Feel More Better, we’re waging a fight against things like so-called cultural ideals and norms that may be neither ideal nor normal.  Things like the images, messages, attitudes and expectations that help shape how so many women and girls feel about and look at themselves, and which sit like an albatross on the neck of their/your being happyer.

Feel More Better is a mission and a mindset (and a collection of StoryGoods…go on and visit our shop), one we hope’ll help you feel you’ve got the permission to be you in ways big and small, regardless of anyone else who thinks you should be, look, do, think, act otherwise.

 Why Are We Doing This?

Because we’re the parents of a (now) 6 year-old girl.  (That’s us with EllaRose, and our beautiful 5 year-old boy Otis up top, but more about Otis some other time).  And because as her parents, we figure our entire job comes down to how well we prepare her to be the happyest version of herself as she grows up.  We want to make it easier for her – and all the her’s out there – to grow into truly, madly, deeply, happy women…to speak and live her truth whatever her truth is.

 We think true happyness starts with knowing your-self, what you want and don’t and why (which is why we spell happYness with a Y), and that whatever oppresses, suppresses and represses the permission we feel to live out-loud, pursuing and doing whatever we want….whatever it is, or isn’t so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else…is something to get rid of.

Now we don’t mean to get all 70s new-agey on you, but we want EllaRose to “own” her emotions and the reality of who she is and can become.  Whatever makes her happy – whatever it is – we want her to know her “truth” and to speak it unfettered, unhesitatingly, and uninhibited (but manners are important, so politely too).

 And to us, the best way to help do this isn’t to focus on EllaRose and little girls but on the women they’ll become.  That’s you.  The women.  Women who know how hard it is – despite everything you are, have done, can do, believe in – to be truly, madly, deeply, sustainably happy.  And why is it so much harder than it needs to be?

 So What Can You Do?

Join in.  Read, write, discuss, invite some friends along.  FeelMoreBetter.com is your place to share (anonymously, if you want) what’s inhibiting you, limiting you, keeping you up at night, making you anxious, and hating on your happy.

We also want to be a place where you can share what it is that makes you feel good, and what’s given you the mojo to kick to the curb whatever or whomever’s been hating on your happy when you have.  We think living commited to getting and keeping things off our chests is a way of life.  For this, FMB’s YOUR platform for your expressions of self…however you want to express em (type ‘em, draw ‘em, video ‘em, do an interpretative dance about ‘em).

We hope you’ll join the fight, and add your voice, opinions, thoughts, feelings and stories. And always let us know what we can do better, differently, other. Because make no mistake, this is a fight for change and we’re all in it together.

For you, for EllaRose, for all the EllaRoses and Otis’, and for all who’d like to see things change, thanks, and XO.

eva and seth


*We spell happyer and happyness etc with a Y because we think a key to being happyer is understanding why you do and don’t feel like you do.  So we put the “why” smack dab in the middle of it.